What is LegalAIR?

The Legal AI Rules & Regulation (LegalAIR) knowledge platform aims to contribute to the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the real world. We aim to make the legal framework and ethical values understandable and practical. To achieve this goal, we want to translate the often abstract knowledge, best practices and guidelines into something more practical. Via LegalAIR, anyone with practical questions about legal and ethical aspects of AI can find experts who can answer their questions. We want to add a breath of fresh air to AI projects and talk about what is possible instead of about what is not.

Concretely, we aim to:

  • Research what the type of questions organisations, companies and governments have and what they want to be helped with.
  • Operate a knowledge platform where information on legal aspects of AI can be found and where we help organisations to find the information.
  • Provide better access to information in order to enable more AI projects.

To achieve this, we want to make both knowledge and experts accessible for citizens, governments, companies and knowledge institutions. Everyone who encounters AI should be able to find understandable answers to their legal and ethical questions about AI. LegalAIR does not provide legal advice. We can refer organisations that need legal advice to experts who can provide legal advice.


Currently, there is a lot of uncertainty about the legal and ethical side of AI projects. Many questions do not have easy answers and this leads to many organisations viewing AI as risky. The inhouse lawyers might advise to proceed with caution and not take any risks with AI projects. This leads to a low acceptance of AI by companies and governments. Questions which do have answers tend to be written by and for lawyers, which means it is often not accessible for people without a legal background. Next to that, the information is spread out over the websites of governments, industry associations and knowledge institutions. LegalAIR aims to combine this information in one place and to make it easy to find and accessible.

For whom?

We want to serve all of society, so we want to provide information for governments, companies, citizens and knowledge institutions.

To help citizens, we want to create a place where they can find information to help them find an answer to their legal questions, such as what their rights are. Next to that, we also want to enable them to ask questions to experts and give them the opportunity to assert their rights.

For governments, we want to help the policymakers to find information to help them answer their questions. We also want to enable them to exchange best practices and provide them with model documents for use in their organization.

In order to help companies, we want to help them focus on the important questions and not their fears for AI projects. This will help them decide what they need to know before starting an AI project and dismiss some of their fears. We also want to allow them to exchange their expertise with others, give them access to model documents as well as experts who can give them more detailed answers to their questions.

Lastly, to help knowledge institutions, we want to share their research and show it to policymakers and businesses. We also want to collaborate with them to find the questions which are worth researching and to provide their students with opportunities to contribute to the platform.


The first step is to build a basic platform, which you are on now, on which we can post the essential information and collect documents. While building and designing the platform, we want to use AI where we can. The next step is to make the platform more interactive by connecting content and making it easier to search through. We also aim to add a network of experts for answering more detailed questions.

Project partners


BG.legal is a full-service law firm in the south of the Netherlands. With her Tech-team, the lawyers at BG.legal are specializing in the legal aspects of data and software. They advise on the chances, rights and risks of data projects as well as the contractual negotiations of these projects.

BG.legal will focus on the content of the knowledge platform by translating the abstract norms to practical information, making model documents and answering the legal questions of platform users.


Gimix helps organizations to find the right methods to create value from their data and make the right information available. This enables organizations to make better decisions, have more control and improve their results. Gimix aims to create a world where AI is trustworthy, transparent and accessible for all organisations.

Gimix will focus on building the platform and adding AI to it to make the content more accessible. Next to that, Gimix will also use her experience with AI projects to answer technical questions about AI projects and the risks involved.

Other partner

We are looking, both in The Netherlands and worldwide for interested parties to further develop this platform. We are looking for partners with all kind expertise regarding AI; legal, technical, ethical, information security, etc.

Interested parties can contact Jos van der Wijst: wijst@bg.legal

Grant partners

Metropole Region Eindhoven (MRE)

The LegalAIR project got a grant from the stimulus fund of the MRE. The project was considered for the Engineering and innovation as well as the Knowledge transfer focus areas of the fund.

Province of Noord-Brabant

The province of Noord-Brabant contributes to the stimulus fund of MRE.

Dutch AI Coalition

The Dutch AI Coalition is collaborating with LegalAIR.