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The AI Pact: pioneering trustworthy AI

Pioneering trustworthy AI with the AI Pact

At Legal AIR we recognise the significance of the European Commission’s initiative of the AI Pact and the urgent need for industry-wide involvement to shape a future where AI is not only advanced but also trusted and lawful.

The AI Pact and its importance

The AI Pact is designed to accelerate the implementation of the forthcoming AI Act. It’s a call for companies to proactively engage in aligning with the Act's objectives before its legal enforcement. This proactive approach is crucial, considering the swift technological advancements and the widespread adoption of generative and general-purpose AI systems.

Our mission at Legal AIR is to transform the often abstract concepts of AI laws, regulations, and ethics into practical, applicable knowledge. We aim to provide clarity and guidance in this complex landscape. The AI Pact aligns perfectly with our goal: to ensure AI is used responsibly, by adhering to legal standards and ethical principles.

It is important to boost the confidence of organizations, businesses, and government bodies in using AI opportunities. To achieve this, it's essential to provide broad access to knowledge and expertise about AI to everyone engaged in the field – from citizens and businesses to academic bodies and government entities. Hence, we invite all companies that believe they can contribute meaningfully to the AI Pact, to join this collaborative effort. 

Why your participation in the AI Pact matters

As part of the AI Pact:

  • You'll be at the forefront of shaping AI’s future, ensuring it aligns with legal and ethical standards;
  • You'll gain first-mover advantages by sharing and testing your solutions within a community committed to responsible AI development; and 
  • You'll contribute to building a common understanding of the AI Act’s objectives, preparing for its implementation, and enhancing trust in AI technologies.

Next steps

The Commission’s current 'call for interest' is an unique opportunity. We encourage organisations (both EU and non-EU) to step forward and contribute their insights and practices. After the formal adoption of the AI Act, the Pact will officially launch, highlighting the contributions of participating frontrunners.


Joining the AI Pact is not just a commitment to compliance; it's a step towards shaping a future where AI is synonymous with trust, safety, and legal integrity. Legal AIR would be proud to be part of this journey and invites you to contribute your voice, knowledge, and commitment to this groundbreaking initiative. Let's elevate AI projects to new heights, ensuring they are build on a solid foundation in legal and ethical standards.